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The 12 Factors in the Talent Transformation Pyramid

Performance Outcome is the result of executing one or more tasks

Readiness is the degree to which an individual, team or organization is fully prepared for something. more

Behaviors is the way a person acts in a given situation. more

Competencies is the definition of behaviors and capabilities required to perform a task

Capabilities is the combination of abilities, functional skills and environmental factors required to perform a specific task.

Situation is the set of circumstances, such as pay, incentives, benefits, culture, behavioral norms, psychological safety, etc. that support or undermine behaviors

Environment is the physical environment and surroundings (air, noise, light, space, etc.), information, job aids, and work tools available to the individual while performing their tasks. more    

Personality is the characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving which are represented by personality traits, values, beliefs, and preferences. more

Emotional Intelligence is the capacity to be aware of, control, and express emotions, and to handle relationships effectively. more

Experiences are the learning experiences gained from exposure to, or participation in, or observations of, events, actions and/or relationships. more

Functional Skills are the motor-mechanical and cognitive skills that an individual possesses to perform a specific task

Physical and Cognitive Abilities are the individual’s ability to move, balance, coordinate body movement, reason and solve problems